Daily Productive Sharing 557 - Fortune and Time

Daily Productive Sharing 557 - Fortune and Time
Photo by Alex Quezada / Unsplash

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Jack Raines, born in 1997, explains his understanding of wealth and time.

  1. Wealth also follows the marginal effect; by the time we have accumulated a certain amount of wealth, the pleasure they bring us will be increasingly limited.
  2. Time is the greatest opportunity cost, and the fact that we do one thing over a period of time means that we cannot do something else.
  3. Saving money is ultimately about spending money, and saving money for the sake of saving money is meaningless

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1997年出生的 Jack Raines 阐述了他对财富和时间的理解:

  1. 财富也有边际效应,等到积累了一定财富,它们带给我们的快乐会越来越有限;
  2. 时间是最大的机会成本,我们在一段时间内做一件事,意味着我们就无法做其他事;
  3. 省钱最终是为了花钱,为了省钱而省钱并无意义。

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