Daily Productive Sharing 561 - Focused Learning and Diffused Learning

Daily Productive Sharing 561 - Focused Learning and Diffused Learning
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One helpful tip per day:)

Shane Parrish emphasized that there are two modes of learning, a focused mode and a diffused mode.

  1. we acquire new information in the focused mode and connect the dots in the diffuse mode.
  2. the diffused mode does not appear to be learning, but is in fact very important in the learning process.
  3. people tend to feel guilty because the diffuse mode does not appear to be learning.
  4. Shane recommends that people abandon this guilt so that they can better engage in learning.

I have a similar feeling from my recent trial of Heptabase: it separates the two pieces of recording knowledge points and organizing them. An information is first recorded in a card (focused mode), and then each opening can be organized into any whiteboard (diffused mode), in the same way we digest knowledge: after mastering an information, we can live and learn it. This approach is more intuitive than bidirectional links.

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Shane Parrish 强调学习有两种模式,一种是聚焦模式,一种是发散模式:

  1. 我们在聚焦模式下获得新知识,在发散模式下连接知识点。
  2. 发散模式看起来不在学习,其实在学习过程中非常重要;
  3. 因为发散模式看起来不在学习,所以人们往往会有负罪感;
  4. Shane 建议人们抛弃这种负罪感,从而更好地投入学习。

最近试用 Heptabase 也有类似的感觉:它把记录知识点和整理知识点两块分离了。一个知识点先是被记录到一个卡片中(聚焦模式),然后每个开盘可以被整理到任意个白板里(发散模式),这点和我们消化知识一样:掌握了一个知识点之后,我们可以活学活用。这种方式比双向链接更符合直觉。

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