Daily Productive Sharing 564 - Remote Work and Talent Monopoly

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Devon Zuegel believes that remote work would make the United States less attractive to talents and that people could have more choices of where to work.

  1. remote work does not require work visa concerns.
  2. remote work can be done in countries that have consistent time zones and good weather.
  3. preferred countries include Canada, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Croatia, Singapore, etc.

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Devon Zuegel 认为远程工作会让美国失去对人才的吸引力,人们可以有更多的工作地选择:

  1. 远程工作不需要担心工作签证问题;
  2. 远程工作可以选在那些时区一致,气候良好的国家;
  3. 首选国家包括加拿大,乌拉圭,巴拿马,哥斯达黎加,克罗地亚,新加坡等地。

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