Daily Productive Sharing 565 - You Cannot Be Alone at the Top

Daily Productive Sharing 565 - You Cannot Be Alone at the Top
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Federer recently retired. Simon Kuper once interviewed him in 2019, and under his pen, Federer is not so mysterious:

  1. usually the interviewee just answers questions, while Federer not only answers questions, but also asks the journalist questions.
  2. Federer was interviewed without his agent on the sidelines as a gatekeeper.
  3. Federer eats without any taboos.
  4. Federer maintains a good atmosphere in the locker room, not only with Nadal, but also with other young players.
  5. he has a very high opinion of Messi, because Messi gets the ball and holds it very well for passing, dribbling or shooting.
  6. Federer is very family-oriented, he said he has two times in his head, one is the time he is in the moment and the other is the time his family is in.

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费德勒最近退役了。Simon Kuper 曾经在2019年采访过费德勒,在他的笔下,费德勒不再那么神秘:

  1. 通常采访对象只是回答问题,而费德勒不仅回答问题,还会问记者问题;
  2. 费德勒接受访谈时,经纪人不在边上把关;
  3. 费德勒吃东西没有什么忌嘴;
  4. 费德勒在更衣室里保持良好的气氛,不仅仅和纳达尔保持,也和其他年轻球员保持;
  5. 他对梅西的评价非常高,因为梅西拿到球之后,对于传球,运球还是射门拿捏得很准;
  6. 费德勒非常顾家,他说自己脑子里有两个时间,一个是自己当下的时间,一个是家人所处的时间。

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