Daily Productive Sharing 566 - 35% Efficiency

Daily Productive Sharing 566 - 35% Efficiency
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Devon Zuegel, while studying thermodynamics, learned that the average engine can only convert 35% of its energy into power, and she later discovered that people's productivity follows a similar pattern:

  1. we have real output for only a small fraction of the day.
  2. almost all people are similar, and much of the output is, in the end, useless.
  3. even if efficiency is high, people cannot maintain high output for long periods of time, because that would lead to burnout.
  4. you can pursue efficient productivity, but do not be too frustrated when you can not achieve it.

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Devon Zuegel 在学习热力学时,得知一般的引擎只能把35%的能量转换成动力,她后来发现人们的生产力也遵循类似的规律:

  1. 我们每天只有很小的一部分时间有真正的产出;
  2. 几乎所有人都是类似,而很多产出到最后又是无用功;
  3. 即使效率再高,人也不能长时间保持高产出,因为那样会导致 burnout;
  4. 你可以追求高效的生产力,但是无法达到时也不要太沮丧。

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