Daily Productive Sharing 569 - Ask for Advice

Daily Productive Sharing 569 - Ask for Advice
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One helpful tip per day:)

Camille Fournier believes that there is one very important but overlooked skill in the workplace: asking for advice.

  1. It shows you respect the other person’s opinion.
  2. It makes them a partner in your success.
  3. It forces you to think about the problem you really have.

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Camille Fournier 认为在职场中有一样非常重要但被人忽视的技能:向别人征询建议:

  1. 这表明你尊重对方的意见。
  2. 它使他们成为你成功的伙伴。
  3. 它迫使你思考你真正遇到的问题。

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