Daily Productive Sharing 573 - The Biggest Opportunity Cost

Daily Productive Sharing 573 -  The Biggest Opportunity Cost
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Jack Raines believes that there are opportunity costs everywhere, and that our lives are the greatest opportunity cost:

  1. unlike opportunities, once time has passed it has passed forever and is unlikely to recur.
  2. if the average life expectancy is 90 years, then we have 4680 weeks, and the first 25% and the last 25% may not be completely free, so we may only have 2340 weeks to really use.
  3. we are often calculating about money, but rarely have the same attitude towards time
  4. life is a series of choices.
  5. while you fear the failure of trying, you fail to see that the greatest failure is not trying.

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Jack Raines 认为到处都是机会成本,而我们的生命是最大的机会成本:

  1. 不像机会,时间一旦流逝就永远流逝,不太可能再复现;
  2. 如果按照平均寿命90周岁来计算,那么我们拥有4680周,而最开始的25%和最后的25%可能都不是完全自由的,所以我们真正可以利用的时间可能就2340周;
  3. 我们经常对金钱斤斤计较,但是很少对时间有同样的态度;
  4. 生命是一系列的选择;
  5. 当你害怕尝试的失败,你却没有看到最大的失败是没有尝试。

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