Daily Productive Sharing 574 - Bridging the Gap

Daily Productive Sharing 574 - Bridging the Gap
Photo by Anders Jildén / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Keavy McMinn shares how to become successful in cross-departmental collaboration:

  1. results, process and relationships are the three most important parts of the job and one cannot be without the other.
  2. finding your "sponsor" in the organization and letting them know what you are doing early on to get their support.
  3. communicating with colleagues in other departments as early as possible to understand their needs and listen to their suggestions.

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Keavy McMinn 分享了如何成为在跨部门合作中成功:

  1. 结果,流程和关系是工作中最重要的三个部分,缺一不可;
  2. 在机构中找到你的“赞助人”,并尽早让 ta 知道你在做什么,获得 ta 的支持;
  3. 尽早和其他部门的同事沟通,了解他们的需求,听取他们的建议。

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