Daily Productive Sharing 580 - Crypto in Argentine

Daily Productive Sharing 580 - Crypto in Argentine
Photo by Juan Pablo Mascanfroni / Unsplash

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Doven Zuegel gives a very detailed account of the use of cryptocurrencies in Argentina.

  1. The Argentine Peso has been devalued so much that it has been impossible to withdraw money from the bank. Many people have cash to buy bricks and store them to build houses for the future, which is also better than keeping them in the bank.
  2. the price of exchanging US dollars on the Argentine black market is half of the official price because of the strict official control of foreign exchange, and even having a US bank card does not allow you to withdraw US currency from US banks in Argentina.
  3. Argentines use digital currency not because it is decentralized, but simply because they do not trust government-backed banks.
  4. the use of digital currency has greatly facilitated the lives of Argentines, as people no longer have to carry sacks of cash to buy things; even the underground money changers no longer need to transport large amounts of cash to Uruguay to exchange currency.
  5. Argentines love to use Tron and Bianance.

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Doven Zuegel 非常详尽地介绍了加密货币在阿根廷的应用:

  1. 阿根廷比索非常贬值得非常厉害,甚至发生过存在银行里的钱取不出来的情况。很多人有了现金就买砖囤下来,为以后建房子作准备,这样也比存在银行里保值;
  2. 在阿根廷的黑市兑换美金的价格是官方价格的一半,因为官方严格控制外汇,甚至拥有美国的银行卡从阿根廷的美国银行都取不出美钞。
  3. 阿根廷人使用数字货币并非因为它的去中心化,仅仅是因为他们不信任政府背书的银行;
  4. 使用数字货币大大方便了阿根廷人的生活,人们再也不用背一麻袋的现金去买东西;甚至连地下钱庄都不需要运输大量现金去乌拉圭换汇了;
  5. 阿根廷人喜欢使用 Tron 和币安。

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