Daily Productive Sharing 581 - Coping with Fears

Daily Productive Sharing 581 - Coping with Fears
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One helpful tip per day:)

Hannah Rose believes that our fears can be grouped into four categories, each with specific ways of coping.

  1. Bodily fear: appraise your body.
  2. Interpersonal fear: identify problematic relationships.
  3. Cognitive fear: foster your curiosity.
  4. Behavioral fear: improve your emotional regulation.

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Hannah Rose 认为我们的恐惧可以归为四类,每一类都有具体的应对方法:

  1. 身体上的恐惧:重新认识我们的身体可以帮助我们应对这种恐惧;
  2. 关系上的恐惧:识别各种关系对我们的影响,可以让我们决定是否继续保持这样的关系;
  3. 认知上的恐惧:把这些问题写下来,我们的好奇心能帮我们更好地面对这类恐惧;
  4. 行为上的恐惧:保持镇静能帮助我们更好地面对这类恐惧,所以我们需要学习如何保持镇静。
Daily Productive Sharing 578 - Being Calm
One helpful tip per day:) Stephan Ango believes that maintaining calm is a superpower: 1. remaining calm is a choice. 2. staying calm helps us to focus on the problem itself. 3. staying calm can be practiced and needs to be practiced. If you enjoy today’s sharing, why not subscribe

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