Daily Productive Sharing 585 - Learn Like Athletes

Daily Productive Sharing 585 - Learn Like Athletes
Photo by Lorenzo Fattò Offidani / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

David Perell suggests that we plan treat learning like an athlete planning his training:.

  1. any learning goal can be broken down into executable goals: we can plan in three-month cycles and then break them down into smaller weekly or even daily goals.
  2. our learning goals should not be too easy or too difficult. Being too easy will soon make us lose interest, being too hard will make us soon give up.
  3. we need to focus on the ultimate application, not just the goal itself. For example, I want to learn to draw, which is the goal itself, while the ultimate application is that I myself will draw the illustrations in each future article.
  4. at the same time we can share our own learning experiences, which will help us to stay curious and help others.

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David Perell 建议我们像运动员规划训练一样规划我们的学习:

  1. 任何学习目标都可以被拆解为可执行的目标:我们可以以三个月为一个周期来做规划,然后拆分为每周甚至每天的小目标;
  2. 我们的学习目标不应该太容易,也不应该太难。太容易很快就会让我们失去兴趣,太难的话我们很快会放弃;
  3. 我们要着眼于最终的应用,而不仅仅是目标本身。比如我要学会画画,这是目标本身,而最终的应用是我自己会画今后每篇文章里的插画;
  4. 同时我们可以分享自己的学习经历,这样可以帮助我们保持好奇心,也能帮助别人。

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