Daily Productive Sharing 588 - On Writing

Daily Productive Sharing 588 - On Writing
Photo by Dim Hou / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Devon Zuegel shared three practical writing tips.

  1. keep writing and do not self-censor.
  2. use your phone to record your voice and then transcribe it into text (ASR).
  3. find what works for your writing, for example, she found it easier to write emails than articles, and wrote many drafts as emails.

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Devon Zuegel 分享了三个实用的写作建议:

  1. 保持写作,不要自我审查;
  2. 使用手机来录制自己的声音,然后转写成文本(ASR);
  3. 找到适合自己写作的方式,比如她发现写邮件比写文章容易,于是就把很多草稿当作邮件来写。

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