Daily Productive Sharing 589 - Leading With a Growth Mindset

Daily Productive Sharing 589 - Leading With a Growth Mindset
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Sean Sutherland points out that as a leader, you need to grow with your subordinates and guide them in different ways, specifically in four stages.

  1. Directing: when a subordinate is doing something for the first time, the leader needs to give specific steps.
  2. Coaching: when a subordinate has already started something, the leader only needs to give direction and give a list of key advice.
  3. Supporting: when a subordinate is already familiar with something but still lacks confidence, the leader can help build their confidence.
  4. Delegation: When subordinates are familiar with something and are motivated and confident, then it is perfectly fine to let them do it.

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Sean Sutherland 指出作为领导者,需要和下属一起成长,要用不同的方式来引导下属成长,具体有四个阶段:

  1. 引导:当下属第一次做某件事时,领导者需要给出具体的步骤;
  2. 指导:当下属已经上手某件事时,领导者只需要给出方向,给出一截关键建议即可;
  3. 辅助:当下属已经熟悉某件事,但还缺乏信心时,领导者可以帮助他们建立信心;
  4. 委托:当下属熟悉某件事,而且充满动力和信心,那么就完全可以放手让让们去做。

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