Daily Productive Sharing 590 - In the Heat of the Moment

Daily Productive Sharing 590 - In the Heat of the Moment
Photo by Raychel Sanner / Unsplash

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Jack Raines has been on a lot of flights in the last year and has experienced a lot of turbulences. He says it's actually a lot like investing:

  1. even though airplanes are the safest form of transportation, we are still very scared when we are in the middle of turbulences.
  2. it is actually very similar to investing, when we are in it, we will only focus on the moment, but will not see the long term, so blind entry, panic selling are very common phenomenon.
  3. as Morgan Housel argues, financial knowledge is gained through experience and is difficult to quantify, so people continue to make similar mistakes.

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Jack Raines 去年一年搭乘了很多航班,经历了不少波折。他说这其实和投资很像:

  1. 尽管飞机是最安全的交通工具,但我们身处颠簸时,依旧非常害怕;
  2. 这其实和投资很像,当我们身处其中时,只会关注当下,而不会看到长远,所以盲目进场,慌忙抛售都是很普遍的现象;
  3. 就像 Morgan Housel 认为的那样,理财知识时通过经验获得的,难以量化,所以人们依旧会犯类似的错误。


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