Daily Productive Sharing 594 - When to Rent or Buy a House?

Daily Productive Sharing 594 - When to Rent or Buy a House?
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Sam Dogen retired at the age of 34 with financial freedom. He believes the biggest contributing factor to this was because he had previously kept his rent to less than 10% of his monthly income:.

  1. if you can keep your rent/mortgage at a low ratio, then you can take the money you save and invest it.
  2. if you decide to live in one place for more than five years, then you can consider buying a house.
  3. that in the long run, rents will keep rising and are an uncontrollable factor
  4. the income you get from renting out your house is more stable and predictable than stock market returns.

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Sam Dogen 在34岁就获得财务自由而退休了。他认为这其中最大的促成因素是因为他之前把房租一直控制在月收入的10%以内:

  1. 如果你能将房租/房贷控制在一个较低的比例,那么你可以把节省下来的钱拿去投资;
  2. 如果你决定在一个地方住五年以上,那么你就可以考虑买房了;
  3. 长期而言,房租会一直上涨,是一个不可控因素;
  4. 将房子出租而获得的收入比起股市收益更稳定,也更可预期。
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