Daily Productive Sharing 595 - The Time Machine

Daily Productive Sharing 595 - The Time Machine
Photo by Chandan Chaurasia / Unsplash

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In a recent coaching session, my coach introduced the idea that we should face our problems instead of running away from them, and Fernando Gros asked a similar question: If we do have a time machine, what would we want it to do for us?

  1. that life is inevitably full of regret, and that the probability of regret increases as we get older.
  2. the question is not how much remorse regrets, but how we face them.

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最近的一次 coaching session 中,我的 coach 介绍道,她建议我们直面问题,而不是逃避问题。Fernando Gros 也有类似的发问:如果我们真的拥有了时光机,我们希望它能帮我们做到什么?

  1. 人生必然充满悔恨,随着年龄渐长,悔恨的概率也越来越大;
  2. 问题不在于有多少悔恨,而在于我们如何面对悔恨。

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