Daily Productive Sharing 602 - Learning by Outputting

Daily Productive Sharing 602 - Learning by Outputting
Photo by Manas Manikoth / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Paul Graham points out that the microchip approach to knowledge acquisition is not  feasible because it does not help us to digest knowledge. Digesting knowledge requires not only that we read, but also that we output. Writing is a good form of output:

  1. writing not only helps us digest knowledge, but also helps us generate new ideas.
  2. if you can't read well, you can't write well, and if you can't write well, you can't think well.

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Paul Graham 指出植入芯片而获取知识的方式并不太可行,因为这样并不会让我们消化这些知识。消化知识,不仅需要我们阅读,更需要我们产出。而写作就是很好的一种产出形式:

  1. 写作不仅能帮助我们消化知识,还能帮助我们产生新的点子;
  2. 读不好就不会写得好,写不好就不会想得好。

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