Daily Productive Sharing 604 - How to Ship Fast?

Daily Productive Sharing 604 - How to Ship Fast?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Andrew Orsich presents the secrets of how startups can iterate quickly:

  1. using a fully automated CI/CD deployment process.
  2. using Monorepo.
  3. refining the features that need to be implemented, with a refinement that can ideally be implemented in a day or two.
  4. assigning product and engineering owners to drive the implementation of features.
  5. freezing code before deploying to production.
  6. testing will improve productivity in the long run, but may be a drag in the short term.

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Andrew Orsich 介绍了初创公司如何快速迭代的秘诀:

  1. 使用全自动的 CI/CD 部署流程;
  2. 使用 Monorepo;
  3. 将需要实现的功能细化,一个细化的功能最好在一两天内能够实现;
  4. 指定产品和工程的负责人,让他们来推进功能的实现;
  5. 在部署到生产前,需要做 code freeze;
  6. 长远来看,测试会提高生产力,但是短期内可能会拖累。

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