Daily Productive Sharing 606 - Getting a Coach

Daily Productive Sharing 606 - Getting a Coach
Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Herman Martinus says that if he were to give his younger self one piece of advice, the most important thing would be to keep his mind and body healthy. Hiring a personal trainer to help you train is a very good investment:

  1. the trainer is experienced and better able to help us develop a plan.
  2. the trainer will constantly monitor us to push our limit.
  3. at the same time they will continue to help us to build mindset, help us to become more confident.

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Herman Martinus 说,如果给年轻的自己一条建议,那么最重要的就是保持身心健康。而请一位私教帮助自己训练更是一笔非常划算的投资:

  1. 教练富有经验,能更好地帮助我们制定计划;
  2. 教练会不断监督我们,最大限度地让我们进步;
  3. 同时他们会不断地帮助我们建设心理,帮助我们变得更自信。

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