Daily Productive Sharing 607 - Proof of Work

Daily Productive Sharing 607 - Proof of Work
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

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Nick Maggiulli analyzes why many people who get rich quickly end up losing their wealth:.

  1. they don't understand why they gained their wealth and stick to doing what they thought was the way to get rich.
  2. they expected to find an easier way to get rich.
  3. the world eventually tends to balance, so this kind of wealth is only an extremely rare flash in the pan.

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Nick Maggiulli 分析了为什么很多快速暴富的人,最终都失去了财富:

  1. 他们并不明白自己为什么获得了财富,于是坚持做他们以为可以获得财富的方法;
  2. 他们期望找到更容易致富的途径。
  3. 这个世界终归趋向于平衡,所以这种暴富只是极其罕见的昙花一现。

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