Daily Productive Sharing 611 - How to Keep Motivated?

Daily Productive Sharing 611 - How to Keep Motivated?
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Dr. Hannah Rose believes that motivation comes from action, which is consistent with James Clear's view in Atomic Habits:

  1. motivation lies in the fact that after we start, we keep moving forward, and even if we fall, we can get up and move forward again.
  2. motivation is divided into two kinds: intrinsic and extrinsic, where intrinsic motivation will make us self-driven and extrinsic motivation may not be consistent with our interests.
  3. instead of procrastinating in front of a difficult task, we should break it down and complete a little bit each day. This can enhance our motivation.

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Dr. Hannah Rose 认为动力源自行动,这点与 James Clear 在 Atomic Habits 一书中的观点一致:

  1. 所谓动力,在于我们起步之后,不断前行,即使跌倒,也能爬起来再前行;
  2. 动力分为内在和外在两种,内在动力会让我们自驱,而外在动力又可能与我们的兴趣不一致;
  3. 与其在一件困难的任务前拖沓不决,不如把它拆解开来,每天完成一点点。这样能够增强我们的动力。

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