Daily Productive Sharing 612 - How to Workout Effortlessly?

Daily Productive Sharing 612 - How to Workout Effortlessly?
Photo by Artem Bryzgalov / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Matt Might shared his fitness philosophy - the philosophy of minimal resistance:

  1. minimize all resistance, for example, if you hate going to the gym, then you can purchase some fitness equipment at home; if you hate machine training, you can start with self-weight exercises.
  2. record all data and review it regularly.
  3. taking proper rest to prevent injuries.
  4. improve the diet and proper intake of supplements.

A while ago, I was traveling and specifically booked the hotel next to a CrossFit box, which doesn't work for less than ten minutes. This way even the morning class at 6:30 every morning is not so painful.

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Matt Might 分享了自己的健身哲学 - 最小阻力哲学:

  1. 将一切阻力降低到最低,比如讨厌去健身房,那么可以在家里配置一些健身器械;比如讨厌器械训练,可以从自重练习开始;
  2. 记录一切数据,定期回顾;
  3. 适当地休息,防止受伤;
  4. 改善饮食,适当摄入补剂。

前一阵子,我在旅行中,特地把酒店订到一个 CrossFit box 旁边,不行不到十分钟。这样即使每天早上六点半的早课也没那么痛苦了。

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