Daily Productive Sharing 615 - Expectations and Reality

Daily Productive Sharing 615 - Expectations and Reality
Photo by Jan Tinneberg / Unsplash

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Morgan Housel analyzes the relationship between expectations and reality.

  1. the further away from reality expectations are, the greater the surprise they bring us.
  2. managing our expectations is as important as making specific efforts.
  3. there is a great deal of failure behind our successes, and thinking in this way allows us to adjust our expectations.
  4. when Hawking was asked how he stayed optimistic, he said that since he got sick at 21, every day has been like a compliment.

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Morgan Housel 分析了期望与现实的关系:

  1. 期望离现实越远,带给我们的惊喜越大;
  2. 管理我们的期望和做出具体的努力同样重要;
  3. 我们的成功背后有大量的失败,这样一想,我们就可以调整自己的期望;
  4. 当霍金被问及他是如何保持乐观心态时,他说自从自己21岁得病之后,每一天都像上天对他的褒奖。

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