Daily Productive Sharing 621 - How to Process Negative Feedback?

Daily Productive Sharing 621 - How to Process Negative Feedback?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Yiren Lu provides practical advice on how to receive negative feedback:

  1. Ask for specific examples and feedback.
  2. If multiple people have given me the same piece of negative feedback independent of each other, I’ll take it seriously.
  3. Put processes in place for improvement in the future and communicate that to the feedback giver.
  4. Separate out the feedback itself from the way it was delivered.
  5. Realize that people mean different things by different words.
  6. Scope the feedback and don’t rush to generalize it.
  7. Draw on prior experience to remember that negative feedback, while meaningful and important to take into account, is rarely the end of the world, or even a career or contract.
  8. Don’t procrastinate on addressing negative feedback.
  9. Vent! Go home and yell and complain to your therapist, partner, or someone else you trust.

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Yiren Lu 就如何接受负面反馈提供了实用建议。

  1. 要求反馈者提供具体的例子和反馈。
  2. 如果多人给我的类似的负面反馈,我会认真对待。
  3. 为今后的改进制定流程,并将其传达给反馈者。
  4. 将反馈本身与反馈方式分开。
  5. 人们用不同的语言表达不同的意思。
  6. 确定反馈的范围,不要急于将其概括化。
  7. 借鉴以往的经验,记住负面的反馈,这些反馈有意义,但很少是世界末日,甚至是职业的末日。
  8. 不要拖延处理负面反馈。
  9. 发泄! 回家向你的治疗师、伙伴或其他你信任的人抱怨。

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