Daily Productive Sharing 624 - Confidence in Financing

Daily Productive Sharing 624 - Confidence in Financing
Photo by Thomas Mowe / Unsplash

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Katie Gatti Tassin thinks it's a stereotype to make women more confident when it comes to managing their money. She suggests that addressing these stereotypes is only possible if we confront them:

  1. according to a 2014 survey, men and women have nearly identical expectations for pay increases;
  2. according to a 2018 survey, women and men are about as likely to ask for a raise, but much less likely to receive one;
  3. women are about 15% more likely to receive an average raise after asking for one, while men can receive 20%. In the long run, the gap will get bigger and bigger.

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Katie Gatti Tassin 认为让女性在理财面前变得更自信一些是一种刻板印象。她建议,只有我们直面这些刻板印象,才有可能解决这些问题:

  1. 根据2014年的一项调查,男性和女性对于加薪的期望几乎一致;
  2. 根据2018年的一项调查,女性和男性提出加薪的概率差不多,但是获得加薪的概率要小得多;
  3. 女性要求加薪之后,大约能获得平均15%的加薪,而男性可以获得20%。长此以往,差距会越来越大。

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