Daily Productive Sharing 630 - Intellectual Loneliness

Daily Productive Sharing 630 - Intellectual Loneliness
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

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David Perell dissects that there is a kind of solitude called intellectual loneliness.

  1. he tries to absorb knowledge from every possible source, using up all his time.
  2. the best way to deal with this loneliness is to write online.
  3. writing online is a way of sharing that can attract a lot of like-minded friends and thus alleviate this loneliness.

In fact, David's approach is very similar to how we started DPS. We have been reading articles via RSS for more than a decade, and except for a quick glance and labeled with a star, these articles have been lying dormant in the read box forever. Instead of letting them be like this, why not share them with others, maybe they will be of some use to others?

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David Perell 剖析道,有一种孤独叫做智性孤独:

  1. 他尝试从一切可能的渠道吸收知识,用尽一切的时间;
  2. 对待这种孤独最好的方式就是在网上写作;
  3. 网上写作这种分享方式可以吸引到不少志同道合的朋友,从而缓解这种孤独。

其实 David 的这种方式和我们开始做 DPS 非常类似。我们通过 RSS 阅读文章已经十多年了,除了一扫而过,标上星星之后,这些文章就永远沉睡在已读里。与其让他们这样沉睡,不如分享给大家,说不定对大家有点用呢?

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