Daily Productive Sharing 631 - Live by Your Values

Daily Productive Sharing 631 - Live by Your Values
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis / Unsplash

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While everyone is still busy setting goals for the New Year, Casey Rosengren suggests that instead of setting goals, think about what you really value in life:

  1. according to the theory of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), values are what we really want in life.
  2. values can be verbs, adverbs, but not nouns.
  3. values are directions, and goals are just milestones in those directions. Based on these, each goal is just a fragment on our way to realize our life values, and adding them up can help us to achieve our values.

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当大家还在忙着制定新年目标的时候,Casey Rosengren 建议道,与其建立目标,不如想想自己的人生价值到底是什么:

  1. 根据 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 这一理论,人生价值是我们生命中真正想要的东西;
  2. 人生价值可以是动词,可以是副词,但不是名词;
  3. 人生价值是方向,而目标只是这些方向上的一个个里程碑。基于这些,每一个目标只是我们实现人生价值路上的一个个片段,将他们加总起来,才会实现我们的价值。

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