Daily Productive Sharing 632 - Books for Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Daily Productive Sharing 632 - Books for Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
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Mark Manson recommends five books related to depression and anxiety, and also details his reasons for his recommendations.

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Mark Manson 推荐了五本和抑郁及焦虑有关的书籍,也详细介绍了他的推荐理由。

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5 Best Books for Dealing with Anxiety and Depression


In my experience, the best books on dealing with anxiety and depression are the best because they are honest about the situation.
I get hundreds of emails every month from people who struggle primarily with anxiety and depression. Many of them are looking for a solution or a piece of wisdom or advice. Unfortunately, the only thing I’m qualified to send them is this new care bear emoji I got on my phone. And that’s probably not a long-term solution for them.
Why anxiety and depression together? Well, because they often occur together. In fact, they occur so often together that people will mistake one for the other.
Godwin’s Law famously states that the longer any internet discussion continues, the probability of someone being compared to Hitler approaches 100%.
Whereas CBT is focused on channeling pain and suffering into more productive interpretations and actions, ACT just says fuck it, bad feelings are bad feelings and they don’t necessarily have to mean anything at all, if we don’t let them.
There’s a fine line between reading a book to gain a new perspective on a problem and reading a book to simply avoid the problem by intellectualizing it.
But when it comes to our emotional and mental health, we often believe we can just think the problems away.
So, yes, these books are helpful—as a starting point. They will give you perspective on what your depression and anxiety really are and where they come from.