Daily Productive Sharing 634 - Quit Your Job

Daily Productive Sharing 634 - Quit Your Job
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Wolf Tivy explains why quitting your job is a great choice:

  1. you don't really need a lot of resource to survive;
  2. your relationship with your job is not really about you and your job, but about you and your values, about you and your material needs;
  3. even if you lose a lot because of quitting your job, you still have your skills and you still have your network of relationships;
  4. you actually already have the  fuck you money and the privilege of resignation, you just can't overcome the fear in your own mind.
  5. resignation is actually a bit like leaving the agricultural life, back to the life full of challenges.

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Wolf Tivy 解释了为什么辞职是一个很棒的选择:

  1. 你其实不需要很多物质,就能活下去;
  2. 你和工作的关系其实不是你和工作的关系,而是你和你的价值观的关系,是你和你的物质需求的关系;
  3. 即使因为辞职失去了很多,你仍旧有自己的技能,你仍旧有自己的关系网络;
  4. 其实你早已拥有 fuck you money 和辞职的特权,你只是无法克服自己心中的恐惧;
  5. 辞职其实有点像离开农耕生活,回到充满挑战的原始生活。

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