Daily Productive Sharing 637 - Read More Books

Daily Productive Sharing 637 - Read More Books
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One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson points out the differences between reading and other media.

  1. Reading is actually an interactive process; when we read, we can actively choose what to read and where to read it. Once we stop making these choices, reading stops.
  2. whereas other media, such as short videos, are different because we are only passively consuming them.
  3. by choosing to read, we actually choose how we will think in the future, so we should read more.

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Mark Manson 指出阅读与其他媒介的不同之处:

  1. 阅读其实一种互动的过程,当我们阅读时,我们可以主动选择读什么,读到那。一旦我们停止这些选择,阅读就中断了;
  2. 而其他媒介,比如短视频就不一样,因为我们只是被动的消费;
  3. 选择阅读,其实选择了我们未来的思考方式,所以我们应该更多地阅读。

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