Daily Productive Sharing 638 - How to Face Changes?

Daily Productive Sharing 638 - How to Face Changes?
Photo by Kalei de Leon / Unsplash

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff argues that the essence of acknowledging change is that we can see the worst and still be hopeful for the future, and she suggests three steps to reduce the  change fatigue.

  1. acknowledge changes
  2. embrace changes
  3. foster changes

Some time ago, I watched a video, and one of the important points in it is that when you turn over the table, you find that the choices have become more numerous. That's actually a good way to face change. When we worry about future changes, we are often limited by the current situation; and when we discard these limitations, more possibilities are revealed to us. Rather than change itself becoming more, we can see more possibilities because we have different perspectives.

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面对日益增多的变化,我们又可能会产生不少认知负担。Anne-Laure Le Cunff 认为承认变化的实质是我们能遇见最坏的情况,仍旧对未来充满希望,同时她提出了三个减轻变化负担的步骤:

  1. 承认变化
  2. 拥抱变化
  3. 促进变化


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