Daily Productive Sharing 639 - How to Spend Money?

Daily Productive Sharing 639 - How to Spend Money?
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This comprehensive article introduces Morgan Housel's view on spending:

  1. Your family background and past experiences heavily influences your spending preferences.
  2. Entrapped by spending: Rather than using money to build a life, your life is built around money.
  3. Frugality inertia: a lifetime of good savings habits can’t be transitioned to a spending phase.
  4. An emotional attachment to large purchases, particularly a house.
  5. The joy of spending can diminish as income rises because there’s less struggle, sacrifice, and sweat represented in purchases.
  6. Asking $3 questions when $30,000 questions are all that matter.
  7. Social aspiration spending: Trickle-down consumption patterns from one socioeconomic group to the next.
  8. An underappreciation of the long-term cost of purchases, with too much emphasis on the initial price.
  9. No one is impressed with your possessions as much as you are.
  10. Not knowing what kind of spending will make you happy because you haven’t tried enough new and strange forms of spending.
  11. The social signaling aspect of money, on both things you buy for yourself and charity given to others.
  12. The social hierarchy of spending, positioning you against your peers.
  13. Spending can be a representation of how hard you’ve worked and how much stress went into earning your paycheck.

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Morgan Housel 的这篇文章非常详细地介绍了他对于消费的看法:

  1. 你的家庭背景和既往经历很大程度上影响了你的消费偏好。
  2. 你的生活不是用钱来建立的,而是围绕着钱来建立的。
  3. 一生的良好储蓄习惯无法过渡到消费阶段。
  4. 对大宗采购,特别是购置不动产的情感依恋。
  5. 随着收入的增加,消费的乐趣会减少,因为购买时的付出会减少。
  6. 当30,000美元的问题才是最重要的时候,却问3美元的问题。
  7. 社会对于消费的期望。
  8. 对购买的长期成本认识不足,过于强调购买时的价格。
  9. 没有人像你一样对你的财产印象深刻。
  10. 不知道什么样的消费会让你快乐,因为你还没有尝试过足够多的新奇消费形式。
  11. 消费的社会等级使你与同龄人对立。
  12. 消费可以代表你有多努力来赚取你的薪水。

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