Daily Productive Sharing 643 - Why Do We Fail?

Daily Productive Sharing 643 - Why Do We Fail?
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Mark Manson summarizes ten common causes of failure. In short, he believes that some of these can be attributed to the inability of failures to face these problems, and that many of these failures could have been avoided if they had faced them.

  1. You fail because you’re afraid to stand out among the crowd
  2. You’re not persistent enough
  3. You fail because you lack humility
  4. You fail to network and build strong relationships
  5. You fail because you’d rather argue against advice instead of taking it
  6. You fail because you’re too distracted
  7. You fail because you don’t take responsibility for what happens in your life
  8. You fail because you don’t believe it’s possible
  9. You fail because you’re afraid to care
  10. You fail because deep down, you don’t think you deserve what you want

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Mark Manson 总结了十种普遍的失败原因。简而言之,他认为这些不少可以归结为失败者无法直面这些问题, 如果他们能直面这些问题,很多失败或许可以被避免。

  1. 你失败是因为你害怕在人群中脱颖而出;
  2. 你没有足够的毅力;
  3. 你失败是因为你不够谦逊;
  4. 你没有建立起网络和强大的关系;
  5. 你失败了,因为你宁愿为了反对建议而不接受建议;
  6. 你失败是因为你太分心了;
  7. 你失败是因为你不对生活负责任;
  8. 你失败是因为你不相信这是有可能的;
  9. 你失败是因为你害怕关心;
  10. 你失败了,因为在内心深处,你认为自己不配得到你想要的东西。

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