Daily Productive Sharing 644 - How to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile?

Daily Productive Sharing 644 - How to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Will Larson summarizes how to make an attractive LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Spending two hours editing to your profile can be very rewarding subsequently.
  2. Many headhunters use LinkedIn to search, so the profile may be more important than your resume.
  3. You can ask the headhunter or friends to look at your finished profile, their comments will be very helpful.
  4. You can search ten profiles for similar positions to see how others write them, and then try to modify your own.
  5. Your profile should be concise enough that people can read it in two minutes
  6. The older the experience, the more concise it can be, no one cares about what you did in your first job.

Your goals for your LinkedIn profile are:

  1. Accurate and recent summary of your accomplishments
  2. Highlight your various sources of prestige
  3. Brief enough to skim in two minutes
  4. Breadcrumbs to learn more about you and your accomplishments
  5. Avoid introducing any red flags

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Will Larson 总结了如何制作一份吸引人的 LinkedIn Profile:

  1. 花两个小时打理你的 profile,后续的收益可能会非常大;
  2. 很多猎头都实用 LinkedIn 来搜索,所以这个 profile 可能比你的简历更重要;
  3. 可以请猎头或者你的朋友看看你写完的 profile,他们的意见会非常有帮助;
  4. 可以先搜搜十份类似职位的 profile,看看别人是怎么写的,然后尝试着修改你自己的;
  5. 你的 profile 应该足够精简,要让人在两分钟内就能读完
  6. 越是久远的经历可以越精简,没有人关心你的第一份工作具体做了什么。

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