Daily Productive Sharing 648 - Justifying Optimism

Daily Productive Sharing 648 - Justifying Optimism
Photo by Ian Taylor / Unsplash

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Although a number of tech giants laid off their employees recently, Morgan Housel is still about optimistic about the future:

  1. Most good things happened because of a reaction to a bad thing.
  2. The constant human desire to one-up past successes, and the generational knowledge transfer, is a pure example of compounding in action.
  3. As crazy as the world is, the core drivers of economic growth are still in place.

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尽管近来各大科技公司纷纷裁员,Morgan Housel 解释了他为什么仍旧对这个世界充满乐观:

  1. 众多进步都是在一步步失败上产生的,这些失败是成功路上的铺路石;
  2. 众多进步都符合复利效应,所以进步会越来越快,越来越大;
  3. 尽管世界非常疯狂,但是推动经济进步的核心要素依旧存在。

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