Daily Productive Sharing 649 - Effective Meetings

Daily Productive Sharing 649 - Effective Meetings
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One helpful tip per day:)

Will Larson summed up a number of tips for effective meetings:

  1. meetings can also be iterative, and if one way doesn't work, try something else.
  2. meetings can communicate the company culture and expose problems, in addition to communicating information from top.
  3. technology companies should ideally have six types of routine meetings: weekly technical meetings, technical review meetings and incident review meetings, technical meetings attended by the staff engineer and technical manager respectively, and monthly Q & A meetings attended by all staff.
  4. a meeting schedule document can be prepared that can be filled out by all participants prior to the meeting and then prioritized by the organizer.
  5. that if managers maintain an efficient meeting pace, then others will follow suit.
  6. there are three ways to improve the quality of a Q&A session: allow pre-session questions, allow voting, and allow anonymous questions.

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Will Larson 总结了不少高效会议的秘诀:

  1. 如何开会也是可以迭代的,如果一种方式不行,可以试试其他方式;
  2. 开会除了可以向下传达信息以外,也可以沟通公司文化,让问题暴露出来;
  3. 科技公司最好有六种例行会议:每周的技术例会,技术审核会议和事故总结会议,分别由 staff engineer 和技术经理参加的技术会议,以及每月全员参加的 Q&A 会议;
  4. 可以准备一个会议日程文档,所有与会者都可以会前填写,然后由组织者决定优先度;
  5. 如果管理者保持高效的会议节奏,那么其他人也会效仿;
  6. 有三种方式可以提高 Q&A 会议的质量:允许会前提问,允许投票,允许匿名问题。

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