Daily Productive Sharing 652 - 5 Relationship Books

Daily Productive Sharing 652 - 5 Relationship Books
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Mark Manson recommends five books on relationships, including his own Models: Attract Women Through Honesty.

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Mark Manson 推荐了五本关于亲密关系的书籍,其中包括他自己的 Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

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5 Relationship Books Everyone Should Read


But most reader emails I get are looking for one thing: advice.
But here’s something else you may or may not expect: the vast majority of reader emails looking for advice involve some sort of relationship problem.
What’s fascinating about relationship problems is that people tend to think their problems are entirely unique and singular.
Basically, our interactions with our parents draw our “emotional maps” of what love means, what acceptance feels like, what being a good person is, etc.
While knowing your parents’ fucked up definitions of love doesn’t necessarily fix anything, it does give you a bit of a roadmap to help you navigate your own love life.
Johnson realized that romantic relationships were largely driven by unconscious emotions and desires (sidenote: duh).
A lot of problems in relationships occur because one person is giving love in one language (lots of gifts, verbal compliments) and the other is looking for love in another language (quality time, physical touch).