Daily Productive Sharing 655 - AMA with Ben Wilson

Daily Productive Sharing 655 - AMA with Ben Wilson
Photo by Saj Shafique / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ben Wilson, author of Machine Learning Engineering in Action, recently did an AMA interview on topics of model deployment, AutoML, and so on. One particularly good answer is on how to get started with machine learning:

  1. Get familiar with the broad strokes.
  2. Test it out.
  3. A mentor.
  4. Build something for real while being mentored.
  5. Continue to get feedback on the next projects until you're the one people seek as a mentor.

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Machine Learning Engineering in Action 的作者 Ben Wilson 最近做了一次 AMA 访谈,介绍了模型部署,AutoML 等方面的问题。其中如何上手机器学习的解答尤为精彩:

  1. 熟悉机器学习的知识范围;
  2. 学习机器学习的案例并实践;
  3. 寻找一个导师帮助你上手;
  4. 在接受指导的同时,创建一些真正的项目;
  5. 持续获得反馈,直到你成为其他人的导师。

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