Daily Productive Sharing 657 - Read More Books

Daily Productive Sharing 657 - Read More Books
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One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson shares his insights on reading:

  1. it is not necessary to read in order to remember all the details in every book,  but simply to remember what the book is about;
  2. it is not necessary to read every page of a book, but rather to pursue the maximum intake of information;
  3. we are less likely to remember the knowledge gained from reading unless we relate it to our lives.
  4. Mark has a rule that he will abandon a book if he has read 10% of it and hasn't read something that interests him
  5. Mark has a set amount of time to read every day.

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Mark Manson 分享了他对阅读的见解:

  1. 阅读不必为了记得每本书里讲了具体什么内容,只要记得哪本书讲了什么即可;
  2. 没有必要读完一本书的每一页,而应该追寻最大化的信息摄入;
  3. 除非我们讲阅读所获得的知识和我们的生活联系起来,否则我们不太会记住他们;
  4. Mark 有一条规矩,如果读了一本书的 10% 还没有读到让他感兴趣的内容,他就会放弃这本书;
  5. Mark 每天会有固定的时间拿来阅读。

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