Daily Productive Sharing 659 - No Layoff From Apple

Daily Productive Sharing 659 - No Layoff From Apple
Photo by Zhiyue / Unsplash

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Despite recent layoffs at technology companies, Apple is an exception, and Gergely Orosz analyzed nearly 20 years of data to show that:

  1. Apple has weathered two tech downturns without massive layoffs.
  2. Many other companies have hired/layoffs that are largely related to their profitability, while Apple has kept a slow pace of hiring.
  3. There are many departments within Apple that are short of people.

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尽管科技公司近来纷纷裁员,Apple 却是一个例外。Gergely Orosz 分析了近20年的数据指出:

  1. Apple 经历了两轮科技业的低谷,都没有大规模裁员;
  2. 其他诸多公司的招聘/裁员基本都和他们的盈利能力相关,而 Apple 一直保持缓慢的节奏招聘;
  3. Apple 内部有诸多部门都缺人。

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