Daily Productive Sharing 663 - Purpose Anxiety

Daily Productive Sharing 663 - Purpose Anxiety
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff believes that the pursuit of life's purpose is closely associated to anxiety, and we can gradually resolve these anxieties:

  1. Purpose in life and meaning of life are not the same. The former focuses on the future, while the latter focuses on the past. Regarding the meaning of life, see [[Weekly Recap 82 - 20230204]].
  2. The development of society provides more possibilities, making the journey to find our purpose in life more difficult.
  3. To find our own purpose in life, we must first stop comparing ourselves to others.
  4. The pursuit of our purpose in life is an exploration journey itself. We can explore different possibilities and enjoy the exploration.
  5. Even if you don't know what your purpose in life is, you can start exploring from now on.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 认为追寻人生的目的和焦虑紧密相关,而我们可以一步步化解这些焦虑:

  1. 人生目的和人生意义并不相同,前者针对未来,后者针对过去。关于人生意义,可以参见 [[Weekly Recap 82 - 20230204]]。
  2. 社会的发展提供了更多的可能性,这也让我们追寻人生目的旅程更加困难;
  3. 要想找到自己人生目的,首先要停止攀比;
  4. 追寻人生目的本身也是一场探索之旅,你可以探索不同的可能性,同时享受这样的探索;
  5. 即使你不知道自己的人生目的是什么,你也可以从现在开始就探索。

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