Daily Productive Sharing 665 - NBA Scoring Record

Daily Productive Sharing 665 - NBA Scoring Record
Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa / Unsplash

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Before he retired, "The Tower from Power" Jabbar set an NBA scoring record that has not been broken in over thirty years. LeBron James only recently broke that record. Jabbar wrote his humble reflections.

  1. it took a lot of perseverance and persistence to break this record.
  2. that being able to break this record means that James has finally moved the NBA forward.
  3. for him, he has long cared less about his scoring record, after all, it was decades ago. Nowadays, he is more concerned about his family, and charity work.
  4. that by breaking this record, James has drawn more attention to the sport, and has drawn more kids into it.
  5. Jabbar has renewed his love for the sport because of this.

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”天钩“ 贾巴尔在退役前创造了 NBA 的得分纪录,这一纪录在过去的三十多年里都没有人能打破。詹姆斯最近才打破了这一纪录。贾巴尔写下了自己谦逊的感想:

  1. 能够打破这一纪录需要非常的毅力和坚持;
  2. 能够打破这一纪录说明詹姆斯终于把 NBA 的进程往前推进了一步;
  3. 对他而言,他早已不在乎自己的得分纪录,毕竟那是几十年前的事了。现如今,他更关心自己的家庭,和公益事业;
  4. 詹姆斯打破这一纪录,吸引了更多的人关注这项运动,也已吸引着更多孩子投身其中;
  5. 詹姆斯让他重新热爱这项运动。

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