Daily Productive Sharing 666 - Improve Your Focus

Daily Productive Sharing 666 - Improve Your Focus
Photo by Jasper Garratt / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson found it increasingly difficult to concentrate:

  1. In this era, there are too many things that attract our attention, which objectively makes it harder for us to concentrate.
  2. He tried attentional diet, focusing his limited attention on important things only.
  3. Attentional diet involves three steps: identifying what is truly important, eliminating unimportant things, and turning the first two steps into habits.
  4. Try reading long articles/books, listening to long podcasts, and watching complete movies. This helps cultivate our attention.
  5. Cancel all news subscriptions and only read news from Wikipedia.

In fact, our DPS is also a practice of cultivating attention. I used to subscribe to many RSS feeds, but I just skimmed through them and dumped them into services like Read It Later without actually reading them. Now, to prepare the daily DPS newsletter, I need to read the selected articles carefully, write summaries, and summarize the main points. Currently, all of this is done in Readwise and Obsidian.

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Mark Manson 发现自己越来越难集中注意力:

  1. 这个时代吸引我们注意力的事物太多,客观上让我们集中注意力变得更难;
  2. 他尝试了注意力节食,把有限的注意力只放在重要的事情上;
  3. 注意力节食分为三步:识别什么是真正重要的事物;把不重要的事物都去除;把前面这两步培养成习惯;
  4. 尝试阅读长文/书籍,尝试听长的 podcast,看完整的电影。这样有助于培养我们的注意力。
  5. 取消所有新闻订阅,只从 wikipedia 来阅读新闻。

我们的 DPS 其实也是一种培养注意力的实践。之前我订阅了很多 RSS 源,但很多只是扫一眼,丢到 Read It Later 类的服务里就再也不读了。现在为了准备每期的 DPS 日刊,我都需要认真阅读筛选出来的文章,做好摘要,并总结要点。目前这些都在 Readwise 和 Obsidian 里完成。

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