Daily Productive Sharing 668 - How to Write Online?

Daily Productive Sharing 668 - How to Write Online?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Arun Venketesan shared his experience of creating blog posts:

  1. He has a Notion notebook to record his ideas whenever they come to mind.
  2. When preparing for more complex articles, he reads extensively and summarizes using Instapaper and Kindle, then compiles the information in a draft.
  3. When writing the first draft, he focuses on speed and tries to record his ideas as quickly as possible.
  4. After finishing the first draft, he refers to Grammarly's suggestions for editing.
  5. Sometimes he uses a speech-to-text service like otter.ai to record his thoughts.
  6. The final step, publishing, is the most important step. He uses various channels such as Twitter and Reddit to promote his posts.

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Arun Venketesan 分享了自己创建 blog 文章的经验:

  1. 他有一个 Notion notebook 用以随时记录自己的点子,想到什么就记录什么;
  2. 当准备比较复杂的文章时,他会大量阅读,通过 Instapaper 和 Kindle 做摘要,然后汇总到草稿里;
  3. 写作第一稿时,他最在意的是速度,他尽可能地把自己的想法记录下来;
  4. 写完第一稿之后,他会参考 Grammarly 的建议进行修改;
  5. 有时他也会用语音转写服务 otter.ai 来记录自己的想法;
  6. 最后发布的环节也是最重要的一环,他通过 Twitter/Reddit 等诸多渠道进行发布。

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