Daily Productive Sharing 671 - Using Slack Minimally

Daily Productive Sharing 671 - Using Slack Minimally
Photo by Marius Masalar / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Arun Venketesan shared how he minimizes his usage of Slack:

  1. Slack can be flexibly integrated with various services, allowing users to define how to use it, which is its biggest advantage as well as its biggest drawback.
  2. Many meeting invitations are initiated on Slack. To improve efficiency, it is necessary to use a separate schedule tool rather than relying on Slack.
  3. He only opens Slack twice a day to concentrate on replying to messages.
  4. He only uses Slack on his computer.
  5. Regularly clean up irrelevant message channels each month.
  6. Use a pull strategy to digest Slack messages instead of push.

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Arun Venketesan 介绍了自己如何最小限度地使用 Slack:

  1. Slack 可以灵活地接入各种服务,让用户自己定义如何使用它,这是它最大的优点,也是它最大的缺点;
  2. 很多会议邀请都在 Slack 上发起,要想提高效率,需要使用单独的日程管理工具,而不是依赖 Slack;
  3. 他每天只打开两次 Slack,集中回复消息;
  4. 他只在电脑上使用 Slack;
  5. 每月定期清理无关的消息频道;
  6. 使用 pull 的策略来消化 Slack 的消息,而不是 push。

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