Daily Productive Sharing 673 - Essays That Spread

Daily Productive Sharing 673 - Essays That Spread
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One helpful tip per day:)

Nathan Baschez shared his experience in online writing over the years:

  1. Each article has thrust and drag: thrust is what attracts readers, such as creativity, reasoning, and so on; drag is what makes an article unattractive, such as spelling errors and factual errors.
  2. To make an article widely spread, the thrust should exceed the drag as much as possible.
  3. What do readers want to know? This is the most difficult part of writing an article. If you can solve this problem, you don't have to worry about your article not being spread.
  4. If you want readers to keep reading your article, your article should be as profound as possible.
  5. Instead of finding ideas that meet readers' expectations, it is better to find questions that make you curious, which is easier to stick to.
  6. To make the article more profound, in the drafting stage, we need to ask ourselves, what is the central question that this article wants to answer?
  7. The most common mistake in writing is a sudden turning point without any connection.
  8. Obtaining feedback from readers is also very important. Nathan set up four options (Awesome, Boring, Confusing, Disagree/don't believe) for readers to choose.
  9. Setting a writing deadline is a good source of motivation, and creating a regularly published email newsletter is a good choice.

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Nathan Baschez 分享了他多年来的网络写作经验:

  1. 每一篇文章都有 thrust 和 drag: thrust 是让文章吸引读者的地方,比如创意,道理等等;而 drag 是文章不吸引人的地方,比如各种拼写错误,各种事实错误等等。
  2. 要想一篇文章被广泛传播,就要让 thurst 尽可能超过 drag。
  3. 什么是读者想知道的?这是一篇文章最难的地方,如果能解决这一问题,就不怕文章不被传播。
  4. 如果你想让读者坚持读你的文章,那么你的文章就要尽可能的深刻。
  5. 与其找到符合读者期望的点子,不如找到让你自己好奇的问题,这样更容易坚持。
  6. 为了让文章更加深刻,在打草稿阶段,我们就要问自己,这篇文章要回答一个什么样的中心问题?
  7. 写作中最常见的错误就是突然转折,而没有任何承接。
  8. 获得读者的反馈也非常重要,Nathan 设置了 ABCD 四个选项让读者选择:1.  Awesome 2.  Boring 3.  Confusing 4.  Disagree/don’t believe
  9. 设置写作死限是一个很好的动力来源,而创建一个定期发布的邮件列表就是一个很好的选择。

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