Daily Productive Sharing 675 - Traveling for the people

Daily Productive Sharing 675 - Traveling for the people
Photo by Patrick Perkins / Unsplash

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When Derek Sivers was a young man, a friend came to visit him in New York and asked him if he wanted to visit the sights, and the answer was that he was there to see Derek, not the sights. Derek couldn't believe this until years later when he went to India and one day before he left he asked a local artist if he wanted to meet up, and that became the highlight of the trip to India.

This struck a chord with me, and on my most recent trip back home, I returned to the city where I had spent seven years and met up with various old friends. These friends also brought some new friends for me to meet, which was very satisfying. Mind you, having just gone through all sorts of quarantine, I almost bought the nearest flight out at the time. It was these gatherings that made me think that the city still had all kinds of surprises, so I stayed for more than a month before leaving.

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Derek Sivers 年轻的时候,一位朋友跑到纽约拜访他。Derek 问他要不要去拜访那些名胜,得到的回答是,他就是来看 Derek 的,并不是来看名胜的。Derek 不敢相信这些,直到多年后他去印度,离开前的一天,他问当地的一位艺术家要不要见个面,于是这成为印度之旅的亮点。


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