Daily Productive Sharing 679 - Lessons from founding to Series C

Daily Productive Sharing 679 - Lessons from founding to Series C
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Arun Venketesan summarizes what he has learned in his five years of entrepreneurial career:

  1. Many start-ups find people through their friends in the early stages, so many good opportunities will not be posted on the market.
  2. Sometime, decisions cannot be based on 100% facts, so we need to make decisions based on educated guesses.
  3. At the beginning of a project, it is best to resolve all different opinions; otherwise, it may cause greater troubles.
  4. In practice, the best design is formed by continuously adjusting based on the actual situation and feedback.
  5. Many excellent engineers did not major in computer science, but they often switch to this field and have strong self-learning abilities.

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Arun Venketesan 总结了在五年创业生涯中学到的:

  1. 很多创业公司在早期通过朋友找人,所以很多好机会根本不会在市场上发布;
  2. 很多时候,决策没有办法基于100%的事实,这就需要我们根据合理推测作出决策;
  3. 当项目开始时,最好解决所有的不同意见,否则可能会造成更大的麻烦;
  4. 在实践中,最好的设计,是根据实际情况,根据反馈,不断地调整而形成的;
  5. 很多优秀的工程师并不是科班出身,他们往往转行而来,有着极强的自学能力。

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