Daily Productive Sharing 680 - Profile of OpenAI CTO Mira Murati

Daily Productive Sharing 680 - Profile of OpenAI CTO Mira Murati
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Currently, the hottest technology product is undoubtedly OpenAI's ChatGPT, led by their CTO - Mira Murati. There aren't many reports about her, and Fast Company recently published a profile about her:

  1. As a descendant of Albanian immigrants, she went to study in Canada at the age of 16.
  2. After graduation, she first joined Tesla, then switched to Leap Motion, and finally joined OpenAI in 2018.
  3. After joining OpenAI, she led the team as VP of applied AI and partnerships, working closely with numerous external partners, including but not limited to, open APIs, collecting user feedback, and more.
  4. After taking office as CTO in May 2022, Mira led the team to launch a series of products, including Dall-E, which generates images from text, Whisper API, which transcribes speech into text, as well as the later popular ChatGPT.

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当下,最火爆的科技产品莫非 OpenAI 的 ChatGPT,而领导这一切的是他们的 CTO -- Mira Murati。关于她的报道并不多,Fast Company 最近发布了一篇她的侧写:

  1. 作为阿尔巴尼亚移民的后代,她于16岁前往加拿大求学;
  2. 毕业后,她先加入了 Tesla,然后跳槽到 Leap Motion,最后于2018年加入 OpenAI。
  3. 加入 OpenAI 后,她作为负责 applied AI and partnerships 的 VP,带领了团队沿着于大量外部团队合作,包括并不限于,开放 API,搜集用户反馈等等。
  4. 2022年5月,上任 CTO 之后,Mira 又带领团队发布了一系列产品,包括利用文字生成图像的 Dall-E,将语音转写为文字的 Whisper,以及后来大火的 ChatGPT。

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