Daily Productive Sharing 684 - Widgetsmith Downloaded 100,000,000 Times

Daily Productive Sharing 684 - Widgetsmith Downloaded 100,000,000 Times
Photo by JuniperPhoton / Unsplash

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David Smith's Widgetsmith has surpassed one billion downloads, and he reviewed his journey:

  1. After sticking with it for twelve years, creating 59 apps and experiencing countless failures along the way, he has finally achieved this success;
  2. Widgetsmith was released in September 2020, reaching one billion downloads in just two and a half years. This may be the most successful product created by an independent developer;
  3. He expressed gratitude to the iOS development team for their SDK and to all of the users, as well as the indie dev community;
  4. He encourages everyone to try boldly and not be afraid to fail; it is only through taking risks that one can achieve success.

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David Smith 创建的 Widgetsmith 突破了一亿下载大关,他回顾了这一历程:

  1. 他坚持了十二年,创建了59个 app,经历了无数次失败,才有今天的成功;
  2. Widgetsmith 于2020年9月发布,两年半就达成了一亿下载量。可能是独立开发者创建的最成功的产品;
  3. 他感谢了 iOS 团队开发的 SDK ,也感谢了所有的用户,当然还有 indie dev 这个社区。
  4. 他鼓励大家勇于尝试,敢于失败,因为这样才有可能成功。

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